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The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® is based on the latest computer technology combined with the scientific basis of the reflex-zone and meridian teachings. The hand sensor is a refined receiver for biomedical signals, which are taken from the reflex zones of the left/right hand's palm. The absorption of the signals is done by putting the hand on a set of gold plated sensor pegs furnished on an electronic circuit board.


Opposite to the Kirlian photography method that works with high frequencies, only low frequency currents are used on the Biopulsar for the measurements of the skin resistance.




The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® hand sensor unit has three different hand sensor sizes (for small, medium and large hand sizes). All together there are 143 biomedical sensors, scanning is done through 49 reflex zones. The measuring is in real-time, giving an accurate assessment of the state of health of the whole body. The Biopulsar system surpasses the amount of measuring stations that most other biofeedback devices have! (Most systems only have 1-3 sensors!)


The Biopulsar biofeedback technology monitors and measures physical states such as muscle tone, skin temperature, the amount of skin perspiration, brainwave activity and other physical conditions. Moreover, the Biopulsar’s specialized features also include accurate colour display of the dynamic total body aura (showing over 90% of the human aura) and the organ aura; allowing you to access bioenergetics information. The graph analysis shows the energy of an organ, whereas colour shows how the vitality is being used. Using the Biopulsar’s detailed features gives you the feedback necessary to help prevent mental or physical problems and to become an expert in the science of the electromagnetic energy field, bioenergetics and most importantly organ vitality.






The various screen presentations make the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® system easy to use and interpret; and easy to understand even for the client. Once the system is connected to your computer and the software(s) installed, all you have to do is place the test subject's hand on the appropriate hand sensor plate. It only takes a few minutes to acquire an accurate reading from the electromagnetic frequency of 43 organs and glands, and then analyze chakra and biofield response comparison when testing products or therapies. This new medicine technology generates complete psychological profiles, which fully reveals the role of a patient's colour-coded psychology in their current health condition.


The measured biofeedback is processed in a multi-functional Window's software and presented in numerous graphics and pictures. For your convenience, information can be recorded, reviewed and printed instantly. Staff can be easily trained to operate the technology. In case of any issue, our expertly trained staff is always available to help you!





This type of "feedback" provides the practitioner with a new, perceptible awareness of different body/mind processes, which extend beyond a human's "normal" five senses. In short, the Biopulsar gives, both the practitioner and her/his patient, an instant reflection of the health of 43 body parts and patient's physiological functions that normally are unavailable to her/his conscious mind. The Biopulsar facilitates the process of learning on a deeper level by using the body knowledge together with colour, biofield and chakra information. It helps the client gain a better understanding of how s/he interacts with her/his environment and in various situations.


As a Biopulsar-Reflexograph® Analyst you will be able to see the areas in the body that are underactive and overactive. By discussing with the client how they are using their energy, it enables the client to reprogram thoughts and possible negative emotions into a more positive thought energy or reconstructed energy flow.



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