Auramed offers different product packages for refined energy diagnosis, detailed aura identification, counselling, therapy, wellness and beauty treatments. All Biopulsar® packages can be upgraded to include additional software and hardware as per your personal requirements.


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We understand that holistic practitioners, healing centres and medical clinics may have different needs. To accommodate our customers, we have several different models that include different handplate sizes, left and right hands, and even machines that cater to children.

Unlike aura photographs, the variation of software running on your Biopulsar can be unique to each practitioner. Biopulsar Reflexographs use a combination of softwares to measure organ, aura and chakra health, giving you a more holistic approach to healing. Additional software can be added to suit your individual needs.

Although our customers are welcome to buy individual items as they require, we have combined various hardware and softwares, creating packages to suit different businesses seeking a cost effective option.

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