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The opinions and experiences of our patients and practitioners are very important to the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® research team. Below are client testimonials as well as comments on the accuracy and consistency of our device.

Client Testimonials

"I had an interpretation in Sept., something showed upon my right breast. Dianna suggested I massage it. When I went home I gave myself a breast exam and found a lump. (I) went to the doctor and had three lumps. Had them removed and they were benign. I am doing great!"


Jackie C



"...A few months ago, your imaging showed that I had a problem in my throat on the right side. The picture was very black there and you said it was definitely my thyroid. The year before when I had the same imaging done by your company, it showed problems in the thyroid and adrenal. I went to the doctor he checked my thyroid levels and started me on thyroid medicine.... I had an ultrasound (sonogram) done on my throat last Tuesday and they found a goiter on the right side of my neck.... I am just glad I had decided to have you do a follow up image for me this year. It was right on the money and very possibly got me to the doctor before things got too far out of control."


Kathy D



"...After placing my hand on the sensors several times, I was told my right armpit wasn’t registering. But it was then said it was reading but real low. She (the aura counsellor) asked if I knew of any problems in that area. I then explained to her about a tender spot on my breast for 2 years....I had a mammogram (after the aura reading), the results showed a 3 x 4 x 5 cm mass in the right upper quadrant. If not for the Biopulsar I would not have fought to get the exam....because of the low reading I was adamant about getting a mammogram."


Gayle B



"...As your review revealed, I had severe stomach distress. This is really unusual for me, but not a problem since I usually overcome such minor aches/etc. quickly. Fortunately, with your prediction and your suggestions (lemon) I was fine within 24 hours....Most importantly, since there seemed to be no other real problems, that gave me peace of mind to go further without worry..... I think your device is well worth the cost, particularly as a wellness tool."


Joyce D

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The Biopulsar Medical Practice

Biofield Research Report

Biopulsar® Owner Comments

 "...Chronic sickness in the organs always shows, and is also confirmed by new patients. The results were also constant, when placing the left hand repeatedly on the machine. This means that the arrangement of the measuring points are reliable. Another point is the repeated measurements. Here it shows clearly which organs and chakras are chronically stressed and the therapeutic success or failure is documented. A great help for necessary therapeutic adjustments. For instance, I tested a woman with pain in the left hip. The organ reading "hip, buttocks" was clearly recognized. During the course of my treatment she became free of pain. After the treatment I tested anew and the organ reading was now normal... The accuracy of the test of the chakras also seems to be correct.... again and again, it shows that the psychology of the prime colours were confirmed by the patient."


Martin V. Gutjahr, Naturopath



"The Biopulsar® is not only an aid for me, but also a reliable diagnostic device. It’s sensitivity and accuracy is simply amazing."


Ivar Frischknecht, Bachblueten Therapy



"One picture from a participant who is separated from his wife, and has massive heart problems, as discussed, for your information. He recognized clearly his wife in a light red circle in the heart region."


Rudolf Schinnerl & Karin Kraft, Electrobiology, Energy Therapy



"The Biopulsar® proves its strength especially before a massage, when it shows the energy distributions, tensions and blockages of the clients before treatment. As a therapist the system gives me the exact basis to harmonize the shown energy, to overcome blockages and to let flow the energies again on demand. After the treatment a control picture serves as confirmation of my work and has many a client convinced of the accuracy of my work. The client not only feels good, but can also see the changes on the screen... your system is also a great help, be it for the testing of the suitable blossoms or the aura consultation....the recorded emotions on the screen lead me very fast to the suitable blossom therapy..."


Colleen, Healthcare Practitioner



"I watched my business growth 12-fold once I implemented the Biopulsar® technology into my business. People were drawn to the dynamics of the colour picture and the graphs.


Not only does the Biopulsar technology validate the use of products, it adds to the quality of services and other therapies and treatments."


Cynthia, Healing Light Centre



Recorded biofeedback data monitors a client’s healing progress (building repeat customers) and can also be used to test products and treatments (biofeedback features).


Easy to learn consultations can add revenues to any type of practice! Special Note: Many of the owners of the Aurastar/Biopulsar technology have told us that the system paid for itself within several months of purchasing it.


The Biopulsar can help improve the client’s commitment to wellness and healing programs – including the use of physical therapies, herbs, foods, nutritional supplements, exercise programs, colour, chakra and aura tools, aromatherapy oils, essences, etc.


Call for more specific business enhancement details.


*The Aurastar 2000® system preceded the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® technology.

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